How do I search?


Simple search
Select a sector, an activity and/or an installation, substance or type of waste.
Click ‘Search’ to see the results.

Advanced search
1. Select a sector, an activity, an installation and/or a substance. Add your search criteria by clicking OK in the above list for each selection you make.
2. If you Click ‘Waste’, results on the subject will be filtered according to the search criteria you have specified above.
3. You can select a substance by its chemical formula or abbreviation or its CAS number, if you Click ‘More options’ under ‘Substances’.
4. You can restrict the number of results under ‘Substances’ by setting the number you want to be returned.
5. Click ‘Search’ to see the results. Click ‘Clear’ to start again.
*‘Waste’: the results refer to the quantities that are disposed of or processed outside the installations concerned.