Pesticides are used to prevent animals, plants or microorganisms, such as fungi, from causing damage and annoyance for human health or property. Pesticides include plant protection products that are used in agricukture, forestry and gardening, and biocides, which include all other pesticides, such as disinfectants, timber protection products, mosquito repellants, vermin poison and antifouling paints.

In additon to the pesticides described here, namely isodrin and triphenyltin, there are a number of other pesticides that are to be reported to the Pollutant Release and Transfer register, but that are banned in Sweden. Despite being banned for a long time, these substances can still be found in the environment.

Read about each substance to find out more about the effects on health and environment, sources and transportation pathways of the different substances as well as about the international agreements and regulations that are in place.