Emissions divided by river basin district and emission source

In the menu bar to the right, you can find information on emissions of the metals cadmium, copper, nickel, lead, zinc and the nutrients nitrogen and phosphorous. Emission data are presented as total emissions per substance (kg or tonnes per year respectively), divided by source (diffuse sources or point sources) and geographical area (Swedish total or by river basin district).

In the menu bar you can also find a description of the characteristics of the Swedish five river basin districts. The size of the district, its geographical location, population, prevalence of industries and land use within the district are some factors that affect the load on water.

The various emission sources are also described together with factors that affect the water load from these sources. The term ”water load” implies the amount of a substance that reaches the watercourse in a catchment basin through leaching from various land types, direct atmospheric deposition on the water, stormwater and emissions from point sources.