F2,oorg-HF, Fluor och oorganiska fluorföreningar, som HF


Fluorine and inorganic compounds (as HF)

CAS no

7782-41-4 (F2)

Molecular formula


 Fluorine is a non-metallic element included in the group halogens. Fluorine gas (F2) is a yellow-green, poisonous, oxidising and corrosive gas1. Fluorine is highly reactive and exists therefore not freely in nature but is always chemically bound, usually as fluoride.


Fluorine gas is used within industry and by professionals, e.g. as calibrating or testing gas, in laboratories and for chemical reaction/synthesis. The gas is also used for manufacturing of electronic/photogalvanic components2.

Water solutions of fluorine gas (hydrogen fluoride) are used for etching of glass in light bulbs and other products. Hydrogen fluoride is also used for pickling, a process of removing for example iron oxide from hot working process metals3.

Certain inorganic fluorine compounds, for example sodium fluoride, are used in toothpaste and mouthwash for prevention of tooth decay.

Sources and transportation pathways

The largest point sources of fluorine and its inorganic compounds in Sweden are emissions to air from facilities within metal industry.

Effects on environment and health

Fluorine and inorganic fluorine compounds are often highly poisonous. Effects on environment and health vary somewhat between different inorganic fluorine compounds. Generally, fluorine and inorganic fluorine compounds are corrosive and may cause severe wounds on the skin and eyes4 5. Fluorine gas is highly poisonous, and inhalation may be lethal6. Ingestion, skin contact or inhalation of hydrogen fluoride may be lethal or cause severe poisoning7.

International agreements and regulations

Fluorine and inorganic fluorine compounds are regulated by the EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC). The UN Protocol on PRTRs and the EU E-PRTR regulation regulate how data on emissions of fluorine and inorganic fluorine compounds is made available.


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