Oktylfenol-4, 4-(para)-oktylfenol


Octylphenol and octyl phenol ethoxylate

CAS no


Molecular formula


 Octylphenol-4 belongs to the group alkylphenols. Alkylphenols are chemical substances that consist of one or more alkyl chains bound to a phenol. It is a wide variety of substances with different properties. Octylphenol consists of one alkyl chain of eight carbon atoms bound to a phenol.1


Octylphenol is an industrial chemical. Its primary application is for production of octyl ethoxylates. Octyl phenols are also used as stabilizer in rubber for production of tyres and in insulation lacquer for electrical components in for example engines, transformers, sealants, pressure paints, and raw material for paints. Octylphenol may form as a degradation product of alkylphenol ethoxylates.
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Sources and transportation pathways

There are no natural sources of octylphenols and their ethoxylates in the environment. One important source of octylphenols to the aquatic environment is emissions from wastewater treatment plants. Emissions from point sources such as industries where these substances are used is another possible source. Emissions through leaching from landfills may also occur. Leakage from products containing octylphenols may be yet another source.

on environment and health

Octylphenols are toxic to aquatic organisms.

Exposure to octylphenols causes severe eye and skin irritation. The substance is poisonous if ingested and may affect fertility and cause harm to the unborn child.7

International agreements and regulations

Octylphenol is regulated by the EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC). The EU E-PRTR regulation regulates how data on octylphenol emissions is made available.



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